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Jamaat seeks reforms in electoral system

TIMERGARA: The Jamaat-i-Islami has demanded of the government to introduce reforms in the electoral system in the country.


Addressing a gathering at Ahyaul Uloom Balambat here on Sunday, the leaders of Jamaat-i-Islami also demanded that national elections should be held on the basis of proportional representation.


The gathering was addressed by JI central leader Mian Mohammad Aslam, MNA Sahibzada Yaqub Khan, former MNA Maulana Asadullah, Al-Khidmat Foundation president Noorul Haq and Dr Iqbal Khalil.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr Aslam said that electoral system in the country should be changed by amending the constitution. He said that under the present system only minority groups came into power.


About the sit-ins by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek in Islamabad, Mr Aslam said that JI chief Sirajul Haq and members of the political jirga suggested an honourable way both for the govern....... Read more

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Sunday’s rally shows PTI still unpopular in Lahore

By Tariq Butt in the News, September 29, 2014

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) secured as many as 733,936 votes from Lahore as against 1,260,310 ballots of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and 101,620 votes of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in the May 2013 general elections.


There were a total of 4,425,186 registered voters in Lahore, which had 13 National Assembly seats.The second position that the PTI got in the last polls may be compared with the number of participants of the public meeting that it organised at the Minar-e-Pakistan ground on Sunday.


The turnout at the rally did not match the second slot that the PTI had bagged just 16 months back. If TV footage is any guide, the participants were less than those of the October 30, 2012 public meeting that the PTI had organised, which had proved to be a watershed in its life.


Although the PTI stood second in terms of popular votes, it coul....... Read more

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Qadri gives green signal to workers to go home on Oct 4

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri has given green signal to workers for departing on October 4 to their homes.

A high official has assured to implement several demands of PAT.Sources said that the federal government had assured to accept all the PAT demands.A high official has accepted the responsibility for the approval of PAT’s demands, government will give 2,000 buses and other facilities for sending the PAT workers back to their homes and all the registered cases against chairman and workers of PAT will be withdrawn.

The workers will be released before October 3 and Rs10,000 will be given to each worker for going back to their houses.Police officers of Azad Kashmir and KP Police will investigate the Model Town incident while secret departments will also assist them; decision will be taken within one month, after this decision regarding Nawaz Sharif along with 11 other persons will be taken.If the allegations would prove, these persons will ....... Read more

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Infant’s kidnapping: Edit  in Dawn, Sept 29, 2014

IT’S a long-standing issue that hasn’t been able to attract the attention it merits: that of the kidnapping of newborns, usually from the hospital they were born in. There are no aggregate numbers other than what can be gleaned from media reports, and barely anyone to keep track of whether the infants were recovered or not. On Thursday, the despicable crime was apparently committed yet again, this time in Lahore. The baby’s family says that the boy, born a few hours earlier at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, was in the facility’s gynaecology ICU and his maternal aunt was attending to him. According to the father, staff on duty sent the aunt away to buy medicine, and was upon return informed that another woman proclaiming herself to be a relative had taken the baby away.


The family alleges corruption on part of the hospital staff, further complaining that neither the ICU duty staff nor the hospital gatekeeper bothered to check the identity of the purported ‘relati....... Read more

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Assessing losses : Edit  in Dawn, Sept 29, 2014

A STORY is being propagated that the economy has suffered massive damage due to the protests in Islamabad, and the floods in Punjab. Most recently, the finance secretary appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue, and complained that the economy, the image of the country, investor sentiment and inflation all had been adversely impacted by both events.Investors have shelved their plans; the rupee had slid from Rs98 to Rs103 to a dollar; the IMF had delayed its tranche; and inflation would probably be fuelled “on account of supply disruption of commodities due to dharnas and rallies” as well as the recent floods. He also touched on the external trade deficit, although it is far from clear how this might be linked to the floods or the protests.


In short, everything was going fine until the floods and the protests came along and upset the apple cart, we are being told. All of these claims strain credulity.The story should be received with ....... Read more

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No end in sight: Edit  in Dawn, Sept 29, 2014

IT’S a strange kind of impasse the country is trapped in. The PML-N government is trying to limp on from the ongoing crisis, but in a peculiar way: the government appears to think that if it ignores the PTI and PAT protesters, they will disappear in time.  Meanwhile, the PTI and PAT have been busy adjusting their anti-government protest strategy, with Imran Khan switching his attention from the sit-in on Constitution Avenue to a travelling protest each week in various parts of the country. Clearly, the big loser in all of this is the country and any prospect of governance taking centre stage anytime soon. Consider that a summer of turmoil has morphed into an autumn of discord – and still there is no end in sight. Surely, this is not a sustainable scenario for a state and society contending with deep and complicated problems that only keep growing with time.


Part of the problem was and remains the PML-N itself. Even when it attempts to create a veneer of semi-n....... Read more

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 Party goes to Lahore: edit  in the News, Sept 29, 2014

The nationalisation of Imran Khan’s Islamabad protest continued apace as another massive crowd greeted him in Lahore. With Karachi already behind him and Mianwali and Multan next, Imran resembles nothing more than an ageing singer belting out the same old tunes for appreciative crowds in different spots on his tour. The fact is that Imran has little new to say that hasn’t already been repeated dozens of times over the last six weeks. His speech in Lahore followed the same pattern of idealising the Scandinavian countries as the perfect democracies, contrasting them with our own rotten state, launching into an indictment against Nawaz Sharif’s alleged corruption and rigging before ending it by reiterating his call for ‘civil disobedience’. The problem with this stump speech is that Imran does not come off as genuine. He had promised to break down the boundaries of the governor houses when he came into power but he is already in power in Khyber Pakthunkhwa and has done no such t....... Read more

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PTI In Lahore: edit  in the Nation, Sept 29, 2014

The Khan Express continues barrelling forward. The massive show in Karachi was followed up by an even bigger one in Lahore; catchy music, a rowdy crowd, mass corruption, the usual fare. It seems that the ‘Dharna’ aimed at immediately ousting the prime minister has morphed into a nation-wide election campaign. The only caveat being that there is no election in sight. Furthermore, announced that his next rally would take place in Mianwalli. What does he aim to achieve out of this national campaign? It is not immediately obvious. This show of force comes as the numbers at Islamabad was dwindling dangerously low. It seems he need a change of scenery. Perhaps, realising that his middle class, urbanite support base can’t handle the rigours of hard street politics, and can’t attend the Dharna. He shrewdly brought the Dharna to them. Touring the major urban centres allows his Internet activists and couch analysts to come out in his support. His speech was the same speech we have been h....... Read more

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A Display Of Power: edit  in the Nation, Sept 29, 2014

The army conducted a test fire of Hatf IX, a surface-to-surface plutonium warhead of a range of 60 km on Friday, while the Pakistan Navy conducted separate military exercises on Saturday, testing live-fire torpedoes and guided missiles in the open sea. The Hatf IX, uses state of the art multi tubes for simultaneous launches, and this upgrade in our arsenal, with its in-flight manoeuvrability capabilities is extremely useful, but also has larger connotations for deterrence in the region. The naval operations mark the beginning of a joint military exercise with China, and comes just twenty days after the militants’ failed attempt to hijack PNS Zulfikar, a navy ship, in the Karachi port. With the Army engaged in North Waziristan this is probably a reminder to militants that the armed forces are completely in control of their assets.

The armed forces testing smaller nuclear warheads, and the exercises with China are likely to raise a few eyebrows in the region. With Afghanistan on....... Read more

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South Punjab as a solution: By Umair Javed in Dawn, Sept 29, 2014

The writer is a freelance columnist.

TWO recent events — the Punjab-centric nature of current politics in Islamabad, and the PPP chairperson’s recent visit to south Punjab — have redirected attention towards the subject of new provinces. The rationale for the issue is fairly clear: Pakistan as a country of 180 million plus people cannot be governed (in any productive way, at least) through only four federating units.


Out of all existing proposals, the case for south Punjab is perhaps the most immediate in terms of its political footprint, as well as its developmental justification. Punjab is currently one of the largest federating units in the world, bigger than most countries by both population and area.


While a favourable history has precipitated rapid capital accumulation, outward migration, and urbanisation in the north, the burden of indifference and a less favourable past has induced high poverty, greater inequality, and slug....... Read more

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