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Four parties staged drama in the name of party elections: Siraj

LAHORE: Jamaat-i-Islami ameer Senator Sirajul Haq said four major political parties in the country had staged a political drama last week in the name of party elections, declaring all office-bearers elected unopposed, which was nothing but a big fraud with the nation in the name of democracy and it should be an eye opener for the masses.

“It is time people should understand that the parties having no democracy in their own ranks could not be expected to promote democracy in the country,” he said while addressing a large gathering attending a three-day JI Punjab workers convention on its second day on Saturday. He called upon the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to hold party elections under its supervision and parties which did not comply with it, should be barred from general elections.

Sirajul Haq said the JI had lists of government and opposition leaders who had plundered public money and who had got huge banks loans and it would hold all of them accountable. He said the black sheep would be driven out of the corridors of power and thrown into Adyala jail. Sirajul Haq said leeches of the international establishment had been sucking the blood of the masses for the last seventy years and people would not tolerate them any longer.

He said “We are followers of a Revolutionary Prophet (SAW) and are not those who would sit in the corners of  mosques watching injustice going around. Instead, we would rise to the occasion and stop all injustice and wrongdoing.”. He said Pakistan had been established in the name of Islam and nobody could dare turn it into a secular state. He said so far people had been bringing dacoits and thieves to power through their vote but it was time they joined hands for the enforcement of the Nizam-e-Msutafa to change the rotten and corrupt system instead of changing mere faces. He said if the nation wanted to lead a respectable life, it must know that respect and dignity was in the enforcement of Shariah.

He said people who had been coming to power through vote in the past had been pursuing the agenda of the US and world colonialism. He said the names of some elements raising slogans against corruption were also in the lists of offshore companies’ owners. “These people are not against corruption, they are in fact against the masses.

A coterie of around 350 families has been ruling the county so far by changing parties and banners. These people are expert in the art of loot and plunder. These people do not deserve any leniency and the JI after coming into power, would put them behind bars,” he said.

JI Punjab ameer Mian Maqsood Ahmed said Punjab had always led national movements and people of Punjab had great love for Islam and offered huge sacrifices for the rule of Quran and Sunnah, and they would not spare any sacrifice for the sublime cause even in the future. Thousands of JI members and workers from all over Punjab are attending the convention which would culminate on Sunday (today) in the form of a large accountability march that would start from Ferozepur Road and culminate outside the Punjab University. https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/160934-Four-parties-staged-drama-in-the-name-of-party-elections-Siraj

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Hawks in PML-N had the last laugh By Sardar Sikander in The Express Tribune, October 30th, 2016.

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz was initially divided on the use of force to thwart rival PTI’s dharna, but in the end it was the hawkish Punjab chapter of the ruling party that prevailed, insiders told The Express Tribune.

The central leadership, which was initially opposed to confrontation, is now said to be supporting coercive tactics, stoking fears of a possible collision on Nov 2 — the day Imran Khan has promised to lock down the federal capital.

Sources said the PML-N central leadership, led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, heeded the ‘suggestion’ of the party’s powerful Punjab chapter which favoured the use of force to deter PTI supporters from reaching the capital on Nov 2. “It was less of a suggestion and more of a demand,” one source added.

Reportedly, hawks in the PML-N Punjab chapter, including Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Rana Sanaullah and Zaeem Qadri, believe the party’s central chapter had failed to aggressively handle PTI protesters back in 2014, which allowed them to prolong their dharna in the capital.

“The protesters managed to stay in Islamabad for more than four months. That’s a crying shame for the government. If such a sit-in had happened in Lahore, it would have not taken us more than a week to smash it,” a senior N-Leaguer told The Express Tribune while summing up the Punjab chapter’s stance.

Some central leaders, especially Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Khawaja Saad Rafique and Hanif Abbasi, did not support the Punjab chapter’s stance, sources said. Raja Zafarul Haq, Ishaq Dar, Ahsan Iqbal, Tariq Fazal Chaudhry and others also opposed the collision course initially.

After Monday’s carnage in Quetta, the PML-N deliberated on taking stringent measures against the PTI on the pretext of ensuring foolproof security in the capital. “The leadership thought it was a godsend to implement the Punjab chapter’s policy,” one insider said.

The government also used a decision of the Islamabad High Court as a cover to take preemptive measures against PTI’s dharna plans.

“They resorted to provocation by unleashing violence on peaceful protesters. If they want confrontation, they’ll have it,” K-P Information Minister Mushtaq Ghani told The Express Tribune. “How a few hundred policemen of the capital will stop sea of PTI supporters on Nov 2?”

He said Premier Sharif would have never addressed a public rally in Kohat without the consent of the provincial government. “Remember, Kohat is in K-P, our stronghold. Had it not been for us, he would have never been able to address a gathering there? And they say they would not facilitate the K-P chief minister in Islamabad.”

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah denied the use of force was a pre-planned move. “In a confrontational atmosphere, the situation keeps unfolding and decisions have to be taken accordingly. When you violate Section 144 and hold a convention without prior approval of the administration, you should not be complaining when you are ‘disciplined.’

Asked about PML-N’s policy on the Nov 2 dharna, he said: “Provocation would not go unpunished. If they do not mend their ways, the state machinery will swing into action.”http://tribune.com.pk/story/1214814/counter-strategy-hawks-pml-n-last-laugh/

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Couple puts up daughter for sale to ‘pay fine’ : by Bilal Habib in The Nation, October 30, 2016

RAHIM YAR KHAN-A couple yesterday put up their daughter for sale to pay the fine imposed by a Panchayat to settle the love-marriage despite of their son.
The couple identified as Ismail and his wife Kausar, residents of Tibba Balochan, protested outside Press Club Sadiqabad on Saturday.
They were carrying placard inscribed with their “request for the sale of their daughter.
” Ismail and his wife told the media men that their son had contracted love-marriage last due to which his (son) in-laws occupied their house and all other belongings.
The couple informed that later a local Panchayat led by a councillor imposed a fine of Rs300,000 on to settle the love-marriage issue of their son.
They claimed that when they approached the Sadiqabad DSP and informed him about grabbing of their house as a result of their son’s love marriage and the subsequent decision of the Panchayat, the DSP had also declared the whole matter as illegal.
But now the police officer is pressurising the poor couple to paying the fine to get them their house possession.
Tears rolling down their cheek, both Ismail and his wife said that now they have put up their daughter on sale to pay off the fine and get their house back from illegal occupation.
When contacted PRO to DPO Umer Salim said that DSP Mahar Nasir Saqib has invited both the parties on Tuesday and after a thorough investigation, the issue will be resolved as per law.http://nation.com.pk/national/30-Oct-2016/couple-puts-up-daughter-for-sale-to-pay-fine

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With Sword of Damocles overhead, PPP unlikely to rock the boat By Sardar Sikander in The Express Tribune, October 29th, 2016.

ISLAMABAD: Desperate for the opposition’s support to take the sting out of Imran Khan’s capital lockdown plan, the government is said to be using two dormant inquiries involving corruption and misuse of power against two PPP bigwigs as the Sword of Damocles to keep the main opposition party from rocking the boat.

The PPP’s policy vis-à-vis the Nov 2 dharna of PTI has been ambiguous thus far. While Khursheed Shah, the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, calls it ‘illegal and unconstitutional’, his colleague in the Senate, Aitzaz Ahsan, says Imran has every right to stage a sit-in in Islamabad.

This doublespeak has led political analysts to believe that the PPP would never join hands with the PTI, though it may not come out in the open in support of the government. And Imran knows this well.

The government is using two ‘dead’ inquiries as a ‘trump card’ to win PPP’s favours on contentious political issues, according to informed sources. “This has greatly helped,” said a senior official. “We have often seen PPP’s mild opposition or its silent endorsement of the government’s policies,” he added. “We can see this in the ongoing confrontation between the PTI and PML-N on Panamagate.”

Another source called it a ‘marriage of convenience’. “The two parties have an undeclared agreement whereby they protect each other’s interests to their mutual benefit, though they routinely exchange hostile rhetoric in public,” the source added.

A confidential Performance Report, dated December 10, 2014, reveals that the Prime Minister’s Inspection Commission (PMIC), led by the then chairman Colonel (retd) Saifuddin Qureshi, had initiated an inquiry against Khursheed Shah in May 2014, consciously ahead of PTI’s dharna that continued until August.

The report — a copy of which is available with The Express Tribune — was sent to the PMIC’s then senior member (audit and finance), Hussain Iqrar Khawaja, by Deputy Director-I Muhammad Saleh Narejo.

“The probe regarding alleged illegal appointments and promotions of officers/officials during the last five years — case of Dr Abdul Hameed Jumani, director general, Workers Welfare Fund, Islamabad, and illegal foreign posting of the labour attache by Syed Khursheed Shah, ex-federal minister for labour and manpower, is pending at chairman PMIC,” says the report.

Shah was the minister for labour and manpower in the federal cabinet during the PPP’s previous stint in power from 2008 to 2013.

The report reveals that in August 2014, another high-profile inquiry was initiated into an alleged ‘multibillion-rupee scam’ that involved Sindh’s accountant general and other senior officials. “The inquiry is still under follow-up,” it says.

The two inquiries, it further states, were detailed as ‘national issues’ and suggested speedy “correspondence with the Prime Minister’s Office regarding conduct of inquiries and inspections regarding selected national issues by the PMIC.”

In this context, the PMIC initiated a file, titled “Fortnightly Reports Submission to the Prime Minister, which is under follow-up”, the confidential document reveals.

“The trails of both these probes led to the top PPP leadership,” officials said. “Despite having solid clues and traces in both cases, the inquiries have been hushed up for politically motivated reasons.”

Consequently, the PPP in general and Khursheed Shah in particular remained soft on the government throughout the PTI 2014 dharna, despite being an opposition party, sources said. “Even though the party sometimes traded barbs with the government but that was more of a friendly fire,” one source said.

In the current scenario where the PPP and PTI have exchanged serious accusations, sources believe the ruling party ‘pulled the strings’. Reportedly, the PPP leadership was conveyed that the two dormant inquiries could be reopened in case the party refused to cooperate with the government on Panamagate.

“Behind the scene, the issue is settled. Anti-government statements coming from the PPP are only to balance the equation,” another source argued.

Prime Minister’s spokesman Musadik Malik did not respond to repeated calls and text messages from The Express Tribune for the government’s take on the issue.

On his part, Khursheed Shah called the pending inquiries as politically motivated. “I don’t even remember if these inquiries are pending. It’s just a politically influenced move, a blackmailing tool, or a bargaining chip to get political; mileage,” he told The Express Tribune.

Asked if this ‘bargaining chip’ was used to pressure the PPP into supporting the government on Panamagate or on PTI’s 2014 dharna, Shah said: “No. We have been facing such baseless inquiries from day one. Zardari Sahib [Asif Ali Zardari], Shaheed BB [Benazir Bhutto] and other party leaders and activists of the PPP have been implicated in false cases and inquiries.”

“If we start getting blackmailed by such tactics, where does our politics stand? If the government has any concrete evidence, it must bring it forth and take action. They are the government. They have the resources and means to do so.”

Prime Minister Adviser Amir Muqam was not said he aware of any pending inquiries. “If any such inquiry is pending, there must be solid ground. Without going through details, I cannot say anything. But I am sure there must be an explanation,” he told The Express Tribune.

PML-N chairman and leader of the house in the Senate Raja Zafarul Haq said his party did not believe in the politics of blackmail. “We don’t believe in resorting to cheap tactics for political gain. If we did, the PPP would be standing by us. Instead of openly criticising our policies as an opposition party.”

Haq also said he was not aware of any pending inquiries. “The particular issue is not known to me but I can say that high-profile and sensitive inquiries need time. Legalities and related requirements have to be fulfilled, which is often a time-consuming process,” he told The Express Tribune.http://tribune.com.pk/story/1213872/marriage-interest-sword-damocles-overhead-ppp-unlikely-rock-boat/

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Jirga mandates Fazl to hold talks with PM Nawaz: report in The Express Tribune, October 29th, 2016.

PESHAWAR: A Jirga of Fata representatives has unanimously rejected the proposed reforms drawn up in a comprehensive report prepared by the Fata Reforms Committee.

The Jirga was particularly opposed to the merger to the tribal areas with Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. It also decided to appoint Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman to mediate on their behalf with the authorities concerned in Islamabad. The Jirga attended by 35 representatives of seven agencies was held in the JUI-F secretariat in the provincial metropolis.

“Elders of the seven agencies have rejected the Fata reforms package after a prolonged meeting of three hours and blamed that the reforms will endanger the political future of the area.”

The JUI-F chief also announced its unconditional support to the Jirga and agreed to head a committee that will hold talks with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the issue.

While talking to the media, Maulana Fazl rejected the recommendations of the reforms committee and blamed Adviser to PM on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz, who headed the committee on ignoring those suggestions that was approved by the elders.

“He (Aziz) hadn’t included those suggestions and didn’t make them part of the reforms that were approved at the meeting of Fata elders at the Convention Centre held in Islamabad sometimes ago this year.”

“We also do not support any move from the federal government that demand to make Fata as part of K-P or make it as independent province. We wish and demand that any such act should be taken with the consent of the people of Fata and its representatives,” Fazl said.

“We will not sit with any representative of the federal government. I will place all the demands of the Jirga before Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the outcome of the meeting will be presented to the people on December 18 in Peshawar,” he said.http://tribune.com.pk/story/1213864/fata-fate-jirga-mandates-fazl-hold-talks-pm-nawaz/

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BNP to ‘shift focus on EC from CG’: report in Dhaka Tribune,Oct 29, 2016

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia is expected to come up with a framework on how to form a neutral and strong Election Commission (EC) to hold the 11th general election in a credible manner with the participation of all political parties, said the party’s senior leaders.
They also dropped a broad hint that they will not boycott the next election and their main focus is now on mounting pressure on the government to form the next EC with neutral and competent persons who will be able to play an effective role in holding a fair election, even if it is held under the current government.
The BNP policymakers also hinted that they may finally retreat from their caretaker government demand if a strong EC can be constituted after the expiry of the tenure of the current Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad-led Commission in February next.
“After our chairperson presents the party’s proposals on the EC and next election through a press conference, we’ll monitor the government’s response to it. If they show any negative attitude, we’ll start mobilising public support by holding various programmes and rallies, a BNP senior leader, involved in the framework formulation, said wishing to remain anonymous.
He also said they are also preparing a roadmap for a peaceful movement to force the government to constitute a neutral EC based on the opinions of major political parties.
“We’re also in touch with civil society members and foreign friends to put pressure on the government for engaging in talks with opposition parties for holding a fair election.”
Contacted, party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said Khaleda Zia will soon roll out a framework about their party’s stance on the Election Commission and the next election.
“We’ve almost completed our framework outlining what we want and how it can be implemented. Wait for our chairperson to unveil it within a few days.”
Asked whether they will ditch their long-sought caretaker government system, he said: “I can’t say anything in this regard before our chairperson holds the press conference.”
Fakhrul said it is the expectation of BNP and all other parties that the EC will be reconstituted with competent and neutral persons who will be able to hold the next election in a free and fair manner with the participation of all parties.
He said the country’s people will not accept if the commission is formed further with ‘spineless’ people.
“We’re on a movement. We’ll intensify it to force the government to form a neutral Election Commission.”
BNP standing committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain said their party will soon take to the streets with various programmes on issues of public interests and formation of a neutral Election Commission.
“We’ll mobilise public opinions across the country on reconstitution of the EC based on the opinions of main political parties. We’ll also present an outline as to how a neutral and acceptable Election Commission can be formed and a fair election be held.”
He said they will have no option, but to wage a nonviolent movement together with people to realise their demand if the government unilaterally forms the EC without discussion with political parties.
Another BNP standing committee member Lt Gen (retd) Mahbubur Rhaman said their party’s now main focus is on forcing the government to form a strong commission with persons who can defy the unethical order of any influential person or quarter.
“If a strong Election Commission can be formed, it will help ensure a fair election and restoration of democracy,” he observed.
Asked whether they will back off their demand for restoration of caretaker government if such a commission is formed, Mahbub said: “Now we hardly talk about caretaker government as we’re talking about holding fair and neutral polls. We’ll take a decision about it after the formation of the Election Commission.”
A party leader close to Khaleda said BNP has started reorganising its grassroots committees and associate bodies to make the party ready for another spell of movement.
He said new committees of Jatiyatabadi Mohila Dal and Swechchhasebak Dal have already been announced while the Jubo Dal’s one will be declared soon.
Besides, the BNP leader said they are also preparing for the next election. “Some party leaders have been entrusted with the responsibility to prepare a list of possible candidates for every parliamentary constituency and the election manifesto.” http://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/2016/10/28/bnp-shift-focus-ec-cg-polls-boycott-unlikely/

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China getting engaged closely with Bangladesh: report in Prothom Alo, Oct 28, 2016

Getting engaged very closely with Bangladesh, China sees an investment potential of around US$ 42 billion in the coming years though it is likely to come up with some $25 billion for the projects it has committed.

“China doesn’t want to emphasise the figure of investment volume as it wants to engage deeply with Bangladesh ensuring a win-win situation,” an official told UNB mentioning that China sees an investment potential of US$ 42 billion in Bangladesh.

With the implementation of Belt and Road Initiative as well as BCIM (Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar) Economic Corridor, many Chinese investors have expressed their interest to invest in Bangladesh in the fields of textile, garment and infrastructure projects, another official told the news agency referring to China’s focus areas.

There has been no official announcement regarding investment figure during the historic visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping.

“This is not in practice (revealing investment figure). More importantly, there have been some areas which could not be finalised at that time,” a diplomat told UNB.

A government official said the actual amount that China will provide cannot be mentioned yet but it will be somewhere between US$20 billion to US$25 billion.

The Chinese side said their businesspeople have ‘encountered’ some difficulties in Bangladesh like land acquisition and natural gas supply which Bangladesh is trying to address.

According to a document of the Economic Relations Division (ERD), the Chinese president stressed promoting greater joint contribution and sharing the interest with each other countries participating in the ‘Silk Road Economic Belt’ and ‘21st Century Maritime Silk Road’ initiative.

“This initiative won’t only benefit China but also the countries along the Belt and Road,” an official said quoting the China’s views.

The Chinese side proposed establishing a joint working group to support Bangladesh in developing favourable policies for foreign investors and for resolving problems that may arise in the process of developing economic zones, said an ERD official.

He said the joint working group will help attract more foreign investment, especially Chinese one to Bangladesh.

Earlier, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) and China Ministry of Commerce on cooperation in the establishment of Chinese Economic and Industrial Zone (CEIZ) in Bangladesh.

Following the MoU, BEZA allotted a land for the proposed economic zone which is situated in Anwara Upazila of Chittagong district on 774 acres of land.

If China needs more land to expand industrial zone, Bangladesh is ready to provide more, said a government official.

Apart from highlighting difficulties, the Chinese side has also expressed satisfaction over a number of favourable policies to attract more foreign investment and make the investment climate better.

Bangladesh and China signed documents of cooperation in the Belt and Road Initiative, industrial capacity building, power and energy, information and communication technology, investment, maritime cooperation, disaster management and cultural and people-to-people contacts during the Chinese president’s Dhaka visit.http://en.prothom-alo.com/economy/news/126853/China-getting-engaged-closely-with-Bangladesh

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2 killed in ‘shootout’ with Rab: report in The Daily Star, Oct 29, 2016

Pabna: Two alleged members of the outlawed Nakshal Bahini were killed in a shootout with Rapid Action Battalion and two pistols were recovered from their possession early yesterday, claimed Rab.

The incident took place at Goyeshbari area under Ataikula in Santhia upazila.

One of the killed was identified as Biplob Kumar Bepary allias Bipul 28, son of Abdul Pramanik from Bil Shalangi village and the other was Moyen Uddin, 27, son of Motaleb Hossain from Paiksha village under Ataikula of Santhia upazila in the district, Rab said.

On a tipoff that members of the outlawed party were holding a secret meeting near Goyeshbari Government Primary School, a Rab team was sent there, Bina Rani Das, commander of Rab 12 in Pabna said.

The Rab team was shot at when they raided the place around 4:00am. The Rab team fired back.

The two were found dead after a 15-minute gun battle. Their associates, meanwhile, escaped, Rab said.

The weapons were found in the possession of the dead, said Bina, adding that two members of Rab were slightly injured in the operation.

According to Rab, the two killed were wanted for the murder of Shajahan Ali Master, a local AL leader, and each was accused in over a dozen cases filed with Ataikula Police Station.http://www.thedailystar.net/frontpage/2-killed-shootout-rab-1306129

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Govt requests South Africa to extradite Maulana Tajuddin Report in Dhaka Tribune, Oct 28, 2016

The Bangladesh government has requested South Africa to expedite the process of extradition of Maulana Tajuddin, a key accused in August 21 grenade attack case who is reportedly a fugitive and hiding in that country
State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam made the request at a meeting held yesterday in Bali with South African Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Nomaindiya Mfeketo.
The meeting was held on the sidelines of the 16th Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) council where the state minister was leading a Bangladesh delegation, said a press statement issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry yesterday.
In reply to the request, the South African deputy minister reiterated her government’s willingness to cooperate in this regard.
The state minister also requested his counterpart to actively consider opening a South African resident diplomatic mission in Dhaka at the earliest to facilitate people-to-people exchange.
Both the leaders agreed on further strengthening and consolidating the ties between the two countries in diverse fields.
Shahriar Alam also met with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on the sidelines of IORA council and called on her government to remove air-cargo restrictions in full.
He also notified Julie that the Bangladesh government as doing everything to secure the country, its economy and its guests from act of terrors.
The Australian foreign minister appreciated the measures that the Government of Bangladesh have taken to enhance the security situation and mentioned that her government was also following on it.
The IORA council of ministers was hosted by the Government of Indonesia, the current chair of the association.
The meeting was attended by delegations of ministerial and state ministerial levels from the association’s 21 member states which included Australia, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, UAE and Comoros, among others.
IORA is scheduled to hold its first ever IORA Leaders’ Summit with heads of governments on March 7 next year in Jakarta to mark the association’s 20th anniversary.
At the Summit, leaders of IORA’s member states are expected to sign the IORA Concord along with an action plan to implement the decisions of the concord. http://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/2016/10/28/govt-requests-south-africa-extradite-maulana-tajuddin/

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Police and RAB in stand-off?News Analysis: By Tanim Ahmed in Dhaka Tribune, Oct 28, 2016

A confidential communiqué issued by Police HQ shows just how deep a rift there is between the rival law enforcers
The 10-point memo issued by Police HQ comes presumably in response to a complaint from the head of the elite crime busting unit, Rapid Action Battalion, made up of police and army personnel.
The memo’s directives to rein in the ongoing rivalry of the two forces ask policemen to treat RAB men as “colleagues not rivals.”
The directives ask the police not to “attack anyone while on duty” and order that in case of misconduct by a RAB official it should be reported to superiors.
Any untoward incident will be investigated by the chief of the police unit. One even asks policemen to take pictures of wrongdoing, if any.
The directives themselves are seemingly innocuous enough.
But the question is why would the police have to issue such a directive, or why would the RAB chief put in an official complaint about the policemen?
That the two forces would show camaraderie to each other should have been a foregone conclusion. That has obviously not been the case, and it must have been going on for quite some time.
So the RAB and police are evidently not on the best of terms, and steps have already been taken to address, at least outwardly.
But the deeper worry is that a simple memo would hardly address the problems behind the scenes that are less overt, for instance sharing resources, information and intelligence.
There have been a few instances in the recent past that indicate such a rift not just within these two forces, but involving other agencies as well.
For instance, the authenticity of certain photographs released to the media by one agency was questioned by the police officials in charge of investigating the July 1 Gulshan terror attack.
It was obvious then that the agencies were not cooperating or sharing their resources with each other even when it concerned an attack that killed 20 people.
Even on the very day that this memo was reported in the media the counter-terrorism chief openly dismissed the RAB chief’s claim about the leader of New JMB, saying that the Abdur Rahman in question was merely a third grade operative of the outfit.
It is common knowledge that RAB chief’s aspirations to head the entire police force were snubbed earlier, and further that his force was in a way relegated to what amounted to “guard duty” during sensitive operations at Gulshan and also Kallyanpur.
The consequent rivalry of the law enforcers and rift among the agencies have hardly been addressed, though.
One is wont to wonder if a lack of cooperation among the law enforcers is slowing down investigations of Islamist militants, or worse, blocking them altogether.http://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/2016/10/28/police-rab-stand-off/

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