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Bilawal to replace Shah as opposition leader By Sarfaraz Memon in The Express Tribune, December 29th, 2016.

SUKKUR: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto will replace Khursheed Shah as the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly after his election to parliament.

The revelation by none other than Shah himself came a day after PPP Co-chairman Asif Zardari announced that Bilawal would contest a by-election for a parliamentary seat from Larkana, the hometown of the Bhutto family.

“Bilawal Bhutto will be the leader of the opposition and I will assist him as his adviser while his father will also guide him on parliamentary politics,” Shah told journalists in Sukkur on Wednesday night. “[Bilawal’s sister] Bakhtawar Bhutto will also contest the next general elections.”

Referring to the four demands of his party, Shah said the PPP has made these demands for the sake of people of Pakistan and not to secure its political interests.

“We are going to put enormous pressure on the government by staging rallies and initiating a mass contact campaign. Bilawal Bhutto will address these rallies and mobilise public during the campaign which will start from Punjab in January, 2017,” he added.

Commenting on the recent statement of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan regarding NAB chairman’s appointment by the top court, Shah said it was a vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

“The prime minister had picked the incumbent NAB chairman, while I, as the leader of the opposition, had endorsed his pick. After Nisar’s statement, the prime minister has lost moral ground to stay in office,” he said. “It seems Premier Sharif is afraid of the interior minister.”

Shah said Sharif was entangled in a slew of scandals, including the Nandipur Power Project and Panama Papers. “We don’t want to derail democracy, but will continue exposing the wrongdoings of the government.”

Some analysts believe Shah was earlier pursing the party’s agenda but now with the presence of Bilawal and Zardari in the house, the PPP wants to project itself as the ‘real opposition’.

“Shah was a puppet. Now, Zardari and his son will directly look after the party’s affairs in the National Assembly, and this all has been done under a deal. This is an open secret,” said Sindhi writer Dr Ali Ahmed Rind.

After becoming a lawmaker, Zardari will be able to negotiate with the government on the appointment of the next NAB chairman and other issues in which the consent of the opposition leader is mandatory under the 18th constitutional amendment.

The PPP insists this decision is not made all of sudden, but after long consultation.

“PPP’s Central Executive Committee and Federal Council had been taken into confidence over by-elections and Bilawal’s nomination for the slot of opposition leader,” PPP Federal Council member Lal Bux Bhutto told The Express Tribune.

“Like his mother, Bilawal has the potential but he lacks exposure in parliamentary politics. But there is no harm in it. Benazir Bhutto was also junior than others when she had taken over as prime minister in 1988,” he said.

The PPP has apparently backtracked from its earlier aggressive posture. However, Shah insists the party would turn up against the government’s policy at every forum before starting streets agitation.

“In the first phase, we will give a tough time to the government in parliament and in the second phase this movement can be turned into agitation,” he said.

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‘PPP ready to welcome Imran in opp alliance’ : Raja Pervez Asharaf

KHAIRPUR: Former prime minister Raja Pervez Asharaf has suggested to the Pakistan Muslim League-N and its leadership to immediately quit the government after the Panama charges.

Addressing a press conference at Wassan House, he said that the PML-N should have resigned from the government over the Panama issue but that they did not do. He also said that Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto will be visiting Punjab in this regard.

He said that the parliament was mother of all institutions. He welcomed the decision of Bilawal and former president Asif Ali Zardari to take part in the elections. He said that Zardari had shifted all powers to the parliament but the current rulers possessed all powers personally.

He also said that the party was communicating with other political parties on long march. The Pakistan People’s Party would welcome Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, if he joins the opposition alliance for the cause of democracy. He announced his full support for charter of demands announced by the PPP chairman.

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Alliance with PPP only if it plays ‘real opp’: Imran by Imran Mukhtar in The Nation, December 29, 2016

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf wants the Pakistan People’s Party play the role of ‘real opposition’, Imran Khan has said.

This will be the only criterion to pave the way for the formation grand opposition alliance over Panama leaks, he said yesterday, informally talking to print media journalists at his residence in Bani Gala.

“We want to see whether PPP would play the role of real opposition against the ruling PML-N after the announcement of its leadership to enter the parliament,” PTI chairman remarked. He said that PTI was keenly looking into the post-December 27 strategy of the PPP after this announcement.

Using cricket terminology, Khan said that Chief Justice of Pakistan Anwer Zaheer Jamali ‘well left’ the Panama case and disappointed the nation. He hoped that CJ-designate Justice Saqib Nisar should be given the opportunity to dispense justice in the case.

Asked about PTI’s criterion for a ‘real opposition’, he said his party had a stated claim that government was involved in Panama Papers issue and opposition should question it over the issue.

To another question, he said that purpose of boycotting the parliament was to pressure the government on issues of Panama leaks and rigging in 2013 general elections. He said that it was only PTI whom the masses were considering the real opposition and this was due to strong stand of his party on these two matters.

Khan avoided commenting directly on whether he would form an alliance with the PPP in future over Panamgate and confined himself to saying that PTI was keenly looking into what PPP would do after Zardari’s announcement to come to the parliament through bye-election.

“Perhaps they [PPP] are of the view that they can damage Nawaz Sharif after coming into the parliament,” he said.

PTI chief said the PPP did not play the role of real opposition since the Panama leaks surfaced. He said there was a clear difference between the strategy of Asif Zardari and his son, PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

“Bilawal has made utmost efforts to play the role of real opposition and revive the Punjab chapter of his party as well,” he said. He however said that PTI was ready to form an opposition alliance over the ToRs formed by the opposition parties on Panama issue.

In his Sawbi rally, Khan had remarked that Zardari had returned from self-imposed exile only to bailout Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

PTI chief blamed that PPP and PML-N had an underhand deal in the past and they both did not play the role of real of opposition against each other.

But he said it seemed the PPP, after poor performance of party candidates in the by-polls, has now come to the conclusion that it would have to become real opposition.

Imran Khan also hinted that his party could again come on roads in protest if the Supreme Court did not give a decision in their favour over Panama issue. But when he was directly asked, he said that it was their right to get justice. He stressed that Panama issue would have become a dead one if PTI did not come on roads.

What was the reason behind forming a probe commission when the Supreme Court had already heard all the parties, he asked. “Even now there was no need to restart hearing of Panama case afresh,” he said. PTI was disappointed when Justice Jamali went on vacation. He said that in cricket terminology, Justice Jamali ‘well left’ the Panama case.

PTI chairman said they want the Supreme Court to itself decide the Panama case. “What is need of such commissions when the government did not want to implement their recommendations,” he asked, and referred to the Justice Qazi Faez Esa led Inquiry Commission whose recommendations, he said, the government was not ready to implement.

Similarly neither the Election Commission nor the government ever implemented 40 recommendations of the Judicial Commission on Rigging of 2013 general elections, he held. “Real democracy doses not come through mere elections but transparent elections,” he said.

Imran Khan viewed that corruption was main cause of every evil in Pakistan and said that corruption was at its peak during the incumbent regime. PML-N was awarding contracts of development projects only to mint money and was not ready to invest in health and education sectors.

He said the procedure of the appointment of NAB chairman should be changed.

When asked that the PTI-led KP government could not appoint chief of the provincial Ehtesab Commission for the last more than one year, he admitted that his party’s government could not do well on the matter of accountability in KP as it was their first term.

About the allegation of awarding of the advertisement campaign of KP government to the companies in a non-transparent manner, he said the award had not been finalised yet.

He said Pakistan was facing leadership crisis in the country because the existing leadership did not invest in human development.

PTI chief said that his party had contested the 2013 polls without adequate preparation and now they were fully prepared to contest the next general elections. “Now we will not let anyone rig the elections.” Khan concluded that PTI postponed intra-party polls because of the Panama issue.http://nation.com.pk/editors-picks/29-Dec-2016/alliance-with-ppp-only-if-it-plays-real-opp-imran

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Getting rid of Mullah not possible: Fazl Report in The News, December 29, 2016

SWABI: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) head Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Wednesday said that it was not possible to get rid of Mullah, adding that the US would be gone, but Madaris would stay because the students of seminaries follow the true religion of Islam.

He was addressing a public meeting on the playground of the Government High School in Swabi. He noted that even after 69 years of independence, there was no peace in the country even though it is a prerequisite for economic development and prosperity of the nation.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman said the British colonialists enslaved our people and now the US wanted to keep them backward by dominating their affairs one way or the other. “It should be kept in mind that there will be no existence of America on earth but religious seminaries and students will stay on because they follow the true religion of Islam,” he stressed.

The JUI-F leader came down hard on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government headed by his party. He said the PTI was making hollow claims about the change in KP though no progress has been noticed by the people of the province.

“Instead of change, corrupt practices and nepotism prevail in the province,” he claimed. Maulana said the Bank of Khyber scandal was brushed under the carpet in the KP while the PTI chief focused on Panama Papers’ leaks at the federal level. He said the people were aware of all this and they cannot be fooled by such tactics.

The JUI-F chief said there was an ideological war between the PTI and the JUI-F, and this started during the 2013 general election and is continuing. He said that party politics is ending now and the results of next general elections will be entirely different. He predicted that the PTI would face defeat in the next general election in 2018.

“The PTI chief represented Western traditions and culture. We won’t let him succeed,” he declared. Maulana Fazlur Rehman said it was a big surprise to know that the PTI leadership first supported the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, but it later started the blame-game for political point-scoring.

He reiterated his opposition to the merger of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “The government should resolve this issue in accordance with the wishes of the people, especially the jirga members who represent the tribal population,” he explained.

He suggested to the government to hold a referendum on the issue of merger of Fata into the KP so that the people could get the right to decide their fate. Federal Minister Akram Khan Durrani, former provincial minister Maulana Fazle Ali Haqqani, JUI-F KP head Maulana Gul Naseeb Khan, former MNA Maulana Shujaul Mulk and Maulana Attaul Haq Darvesh also spoke on the occasion.https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/175300-Getting-rid-of-Mullah-not-possible-Fazl

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Bangladesh arrests five suspected Islamists ‘plotting New Year attack’

Reuters report
Police in Bangladesh have arrested five suspected Islamist militants believed to be plotting to attack New Year celebrations, a counter-terrorism police chief said on Wednesday.

The five were believed to be members of a faction of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) group, which was blamed for an attack on a cafe in Dhaka in July in which 22 people were killed, most of them foreigners.

“They planned to attack on New Year’s Eve,” Monirul Islam, head of the counter-terrorism police unit, told a news conference.

Islam declined to elaborate when asked about the militants’ target and how they planned to attack but said police had also seized 60 kg (132 lb) of explosives, when the five were detained in overnight raids in the capital.

The five were paraded before the media but did not speak to reporters.

Authorities have already banned all outdoor gatherings in Dhaka from dusk on Dec. 31 to dawn on Jan. 1 on security grounds.

Militant attacks have increased in mostly Muslim Bangladesh, a country of 160 million people, over the past few years with several prominent liberal writers and members of religious minorities killed.

The JMB has pledged allegiance to Islamic State, which police believe was involved in organizing the attack on the cafe in Dhaka’s diplomatic quarter on July 1.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for what was the worst militant attack in Bangladesh.

Police have killed more than 40 suspected militants in raids since the cafe attack, including the man police said was the mastermind, Bangladesh-born Canadian citizen Tamim Ahmed Chowdhury.http://nation.com.pk/international/28-Dec-2016/bangladesh-arrests-five-suspected-islamists-plotting-new-year-attack

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‘Neo JMB Leader’ Musa: He covered his tracks to stay off dragnet By Anwar Ali and Rafiul Islam in The Daily Star, Dec 29, 2016

Dhaka; Before leaving home for the so-called Jihad, fugitive “Neo JMB” militant Maynul Islam Musa destroyed everything that could link him to his home, so that law enforcers could not track him.

The last time Musa visited his village home at Baghmara in Rajshahi was in early April, just days before he went traceless. He had told people at home that he was going abroad.

He then destroyed all his photos and belongings there.

“His photographs were in our family albums. He cut those out one by one with a pair of scissors and set fire to those. He did not even leave one of his shirts for me before leaving,” said his mother Sufia Akter.

“I do not have anything of my son,” she sighed.

When asked about the reason, Musa told his mother, “Photographs will bring no good but sins.”

Musa went to his in-laws place about 12km from his village home and destroyed all photos and belongings of him there as well, said his sister-in-law Nisha Moni.

According to police, Musa is one of the top leaders of “Neo JMB”, who is trying to reorganise the outfit and carry out a targeted attack.

To cover his tracks, Musa, once an English teacher of Life School in Uttara-13 in Dhaka, destroyed documents and evidence from his Uttara home and the school before becoming traceless, his former colleagues and police said.

He was very active on social media but he removed his friends from his Facebook account and eventually deactivated his account.

“When his involvement in militancy came to light following the killing of Maj (retd) Jahid, I found his phone switched off. I tried to see his Facebook page but did not find it,” one of his former colleagues at the school told The Daily Star preferring anonymity.

Major (retd) Jahid, who was killed in an anti-militancy drive in Mirpur on September 2, and Musa used to live in the same apartment building in Uttara. They had both left their homes almost at the same time.

However, police found and recovered some information about Musa from the documents and computers police seized from the school in mid September.

The evidence allowed law enforcers to track Musa to the Ashkona den on Saturday. Musa managed to evade arrest that day during the counter terrorism unit-led operation codenamed “Ripple-24”.

During the drive, a female militant suspect, Shakira, killed herself by detonating a suicide vest while 14-year-old Afif Kaderi, son of slain militant Tavir Kaderi, was killed in the shootout with police.

Before that, two female militants, Musa’s wife Trisha Moni; and Maj (retd) Jahid’s widow Jebunnahar Shila, surrendered to police. Musa was then texting them to commit suicide.


Days before going into hiding, Musa told his mother that he would go to Bahrain to work with one Bahrain expatriate Faisal.

After the death of his father Abul Kalam Azad in December last year, he went to his Buzrukkola village home to take Tk 3 lakh.

However, he told Nisha that the Life School was sending him to Saudi Arabia.

“The school has similar institution in Saudi Arabia and he would be provided with a job there. We are in a hurry as the school authority gave us the offer but we have to collect certain amount of money within a given time,” Nisha quoted Musa as saying.

Mizanur Rahman, principal of the school, told The Daily Star yesterday that they had no branches in or outside the country.

“We, eight people, have set up the school in 2014 investing our savings,” he added.

Talking to The Daily Star another former colleague of Musa said Musa resigned from school in March saying he would run a coaching centre.

Musa told another former colleague that he would return to his village and do something there.

Preferring anonymity, the former colleague said once a good teacher, Musa became very absent minded and irregular in classes around two to three months prior to his resignation.

“He used to often take leaves for several days, sometimes without notice,” the teacher said, adding that the school authorities warned him about this.

Another teacher said Musa sometimes discussed news on militant attacks across the world but never spoke in favour of the militants.

“We could not imagine him being involved in militancy,” said another teacher.

Musa’s mother Sufia wants her son to surrender.

He was preparing to sit for BCS exam but suddenly he started talking about going abroad, she said.

The family thought he had gone abroad.

“I feel ashamed. I hate him so much and sometimes I think it would be better if he dies,” said Sufia.

“Yet, I want him to surrender,” she told The Daily Star correspondent when he visited her home.

His sister Kamrun Nahar said, “I hate to introduce him as my brother. It is better he surrenders … the law will decide his fate.”

Kamrun Nahar had given Musa Tk 10,000 selling her ornaments so that Musa could “collect his passport”.http://www.thedailystar.net/frontpage/neo-jmb-leader-musa-he-covered-his-tracks-stay-dragnet-1337062

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Myanmar opposition party proposes Bangladesh border wall Dhaka Tribune Online, Dec 28, 2016 at 05:48 PM

The Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), which holds a majority in all regions with the exception of the Rakhine state Hluttaw, has proposed to form a wall along the Bangladesh-Burma border in an effort to stem illegal immigration, according to a report by The Irrawaddy Times.
U Zaw Zaw Myint, a USDP lawmaker representing the Buthidaung Constituency, submitted the proposal last week, and a debate on the issue was held on Monday.
He recommended that a brick wall 30-40 feet high and five to 10 feet thick be built to separate Burma from Bangladesh.
The proposal comes in the wake of Donald Trump’s campaign promise to make a wall along the US-Mexico border during the US elections.
Trump’s plan for the 2,000-mile long wall has been widely criticised as both logistically and financially unviable.
Three Arakan State legislators came out in support of the USDP lawmaker’s proposal, said the Irrawaddy quoting Parliamentarian U Hla Aung Nyunt of Minbya Township Constituency on Monday.
Arakan State cabinet Security and Border Affairs minister Col Htein Lin suggested that the House Speaker record the proposal and explain how they are protecting the Arakan State border in Maungdaw Township. The area was the site of militant attacks on border police outposts in October.
Col Htein Lin added that border patrol routes would be linked with the main road for 200 miles, and 52 checkpoints have already been set up. Wire fencing has been completed on a stretch of around 127 miles.
“I am not objecting to the proposal because our work is in progress. So I would like to keep it as a record,” he said.
U Hla Aung Nyunt said that U Zaw Zaw Myint accepted this suggestion.
Last week, Brig-Gen Thura San Lwin told media of a controversial plan to secure the area through expansion of seven ethnic Arakanese communities in the Maungdaw border region. The expansion was proposed in an effort to increase the Buddhist population in a predominantly Muslim area.http://www.dhakatribune.com/world/2016/12/28/myanmar-opposition-party-proposes-bangladesh-border-wall/

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Hopes for expatriate voting slim in absence of viable mechanism By Irfan Ghauri in The Express Tribune, December 28th, 2016.

ISLAMABAD: Even three years after the Supreme Court directed the election authorities to ensure voting rights for millions of Pakistanis living abroad, no viable mechanism has been developed to introduce the facility for expatriates by the 2018 elections.

The Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms tabled its interim report in the parliament this week. The panel kept the issue of voting rights for overseas Pakistanis open for discussion.

The Supreme Court’s bench, headed by then Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, had issued a decree to this effect on May 9, 2013.

The ruling was passed just days before the general elections held on May 13 of the same year, because of which the judgment could not be implemented.

On its part, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) initiated work on various options but failed to arrive at a workable solution.

The ECP sent some proposals to the parliamentary committee on electoral reforms, which was formed in August, 2014.

This parliamentary panel was tasked to formulate a comprehensive package on election reforms. The panel, which received more than 1,200 proposals from various stakeholders, proposed some options for allowing the expatriates to take part in the general elections.

Subsequently, the main committee formed a sub-committee headed by Law Minister Zahid Hamid to vet the proposals. This sub-committee later created yet another smaller panel that was headed by PTI legislator Dr Arif Alvi.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, who heads the main parliamentary committee, said that the discussion for devising a voting mechanism for expatriates would continue, but he was unsure if any tangible method could be worked out.

A proposal suggested setting up polling stations in Pakistani embassies and consulates. This option is workable in a few countries where a limited number of Pakistanis are residing. It emerged that Pakistani consulates cannot set up those facilities in countries where large number of Pakistanis live.

The distance between cities and towns where these Pakistanis live and where consulates are located was also an important issue. It is necessary that the Election Day in Pakistan falls on a public holiday in that country.

In some Middle Eastern countries, where a majority of overseas Pakistanis work, democracy, elections and voting are largely alien concepts.

The ECP had asked the Foreign Office to check with governments of these countries if they would allow setting up polling stations for the Pakistani community. The Foreign Office kept mum, indirectly indicating that this would not be possible.

Use of postal ballots was also considered as an option in countries such as the United States. Given the size of the Pakistani community abroad, this option was also considered unworkable. To use postal ballots, a voter should first apply for a ballot paper, once he/she receives it, they tick the candidate of their choice and post it back.

In Pakistan’s context, the authorities were unsure if this method could escape misuse.

Electronic voting, using internet, was another option discussed. But it was rejected for a number of reasons. Many Pakistanis living abroad are not computer literate. Chances of misuse of technology could not be ruled out.

Another option initially considered by the ECP was allocating a few reserved seats for overseas Pakistan in the parliament on the pattern of seats in the Azad Kashmir legislative assembly where member of assembly elect a representative outside the country. But this option too would not enable overseas Pakistanis to vote in a direct manner.

Similarly, the use of electronic voting machines for voting is unlikely to materialise in the next elections.http://tribune.com.pk/story/1277029/electoral-reforms-hopes-expatriate-voting-slim-absence-viable-mechanism/

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MPs admit submitting false details to ECP: by siddique sajid in Daily Times, dec 28, 2016

ISLAMABAD: Elected representatives on Tuesday admitted publicly that they submitted false details to the election commission regarding their election campaign expenses while demanding that returning officers should not be from the judiciary in the next elections.

In a meeting of the National Assembly standing committee for parliamentary affairs in Parliament House, members could not reach a consensus regarding election expenses. Mian Manan chaired the meeting and was of the view that there were no limits to election expenses in 24 countries including the US, UK and Germany. No action had been taken against any MNA for crossing the limits of election expenses. “We are not mad that we will submit in writing to the election commission that we spent more than the limits allow, the committee chairman said.

The committee discussed the PPP MNA Azra Fazal’s private members bill regarding election expenses; she proposed Rs 4 million for an MNA. Election commission officials said that legal action would be taken against candidates who violated the limit of expenses but it was the parliament who had to decide this.

Committee member Malik Aitbar said that Rs 4 million was not enough, as on polling day millions of rupees were spent on transport arrangements for voters. Malik Aitbar admitted to giving false statement regarding election expenses, and other members also supported him.

Committee member Mian Tariq launched into a tirade against returning officers and police culture and said that money matters in every election, and expenditure should not be curtailed. The committee unanimously recommended that capacity building of the election commission staff should be enhanced, and that the returning officer should be an employee of the election commission.http://dailytimes.com.pk/pakistan/28-Dec-16/mps-admit-submitting-false-details-to-ecp

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Dasti smells out ‘tacit alliance’ for next polls: Report in The Nation, December 28, 2016

MULTAN – Chief of Awaam Raaj Party and MNA Jamshed Dasti yesterday alleged that Sharifs, Zardari, judges and generals have joined hands for 2018 elections but this planning would result into a bloody clash.

Addressing a news conference here at Multan Press Club on Tuesday, he said that he respects the judiciary but he had told Imran Khan in advance that going to Supreme Court would achieve nothing. He said that Imran Khan should withdraw his petition from the Supreme Court and presents the Panama Leaks case into the court of masses. He declared that the Awaam Raaj Party would support Imran Khan if he comes to public’s court.

“I want to ask Military leadership a question as to why do not they take action against the looters,” he said. Mr Dasti claimed that former President Asif Ali Zardari was involved in Osama Bin Laden issue and former Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif wanted to arrest him but he fled from the country. “He has returned after a deal,” he claimed. He was of the opinion that whenever Nawaz Sharif faced any trouble Zardari comes to his rescue and vice versa. He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif gave separate statements in parliament and court, adding that Ch Nisar has startling secrets but no one wants listen to him since Nawaz Sharif has got complete control over army and judiciary.

Referring to Indian aggression, he said that India martyred our jawans on border and blocked our water but Mian Nawaz Sharif stood silent. “I am going to raise the issue of Indian aggression in National Assembly. I am going to table a resolution soon,” he declared.

Dasti said that the country could not prosper until the masses get justice and their rights. “The feeling of deprivation and injustice will further intensify if you use power against Saraikis, Balochs, Pakhtuns and residents of Karachi. People will rise against rulers,” he warned. He said that the politicians sitting in assemblies are loyal to the throne of Lahore, who does not want to give the masses their rights.

He was of the opinion that the residents of Multan would have to get rid of Gillanis, Makhdooms, Dogars, Sheikhs and Chaudhris. He criticised Sikandar Bosan and said that he is a toothless minister but still he stuck to his ministry. He suggested to Bosan to resign from his ministry as he failed to raise voice for the farmers.

He said that he is a public representative and he has come to wake up Multan. He said that 95 percent members of the assemblies are financial terrorists, who considered Bangalis a cheap creature and used power against them. He regretted that the Bangalis joined hands with the US and India and hanged 90-year-old elders of JI. “But our rulers are silent while Turkey withdrew its ambassador,” he maintained.

He said that the lawyers of South Punjab are no less than the lawyers of any other region in capability but none of them has been elevated as judge of high court which raised questions on judiciary. He added that the Mepco sent irrational bills to the poor tube well owners and police also bothered them instead of protecting poor citizens.

He pointed out that the cotton crop is being destroyed under a conspiracy as sugar mills are being installed in cotton-growing areas unlawfully. He said that the MPAs and MNAs are enemies of this region and the residents of Saraiki belt would have to play their role to get rid of them.

He declared that his party would field candidate in the next general election and he would contest election from Multan. Answering a question, he said that the PPP of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was the party of labourers but today it is converted into the party of butchers of the poor. He refuted a news item which appeared in a section of media regarding his disqualification, saying neither sentence against him was restored nor interim verdict in his favour was suspended.

Dasti also announced Multan Chapter of his party and nominated Mian Mazhar Abbas as President and Qari Abdul Hakeem General Secretary of Multan district.

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