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41 policemen penalised: report in the News, Oct 26, 2017

LAHORE :DIG Operations Dr Haider Ashraf awarded punishments of different kind to 41 officers and officials, including 4 current and 23 former SHOs, during an orderly room on Wednesday.

The punishments included dismissal from service, suspension and censure over corruption, lessening offence, delay in registration of FIR, poor performance, misuse of power and patronage of land mafia.

The DIG dismissed four former SHOs Attaullah, Ikram, Shahid Ali and Safdar Abbas from service over corruption and patronage of land mafia. In-charge Soay Aasil SI Arif, constable Ghazanfar Ali, T/ASI Tahir Masood, head constable Qaisar Abbas and constable Tauqeer Akram were also dismissed from service.

The increment of SHO Garden Town Inspector Muhammad Javed has been stopped and his six-month service was cut. The punishment of censure was awarded to SHO Misri Shah SI Tehsin.

The DIG said Lahore police would be purged of the black sheep to provide justice to people and resolve their issues on priority basis. Campaign: The City Traffic Police have started another awareness campaign “Pehlay Zindagi (life first)” to sensitise the citizens about giving clear passage to emergency vehicles.

The Traffic police also distributed pamphlets among the road users on The Mall. The chief traffic officer (CTO) also directed the wardens to make way clear for ambulances, fire brigade vehicles other such traffic through wireless system from one crossing to another. He appealed to the citizens to help save lives of people in emergencies.

IG: Inspector General of Police, Punjab, Arif Nawaz Khan has directed the regional police officers (RPOs) and district police officers (DPOs) to ensure implementation of the welfare policy without any delay.

He also urged them to start new welfare projects in their respective regions and districts. The IG also asked the RPOs and DPOs to personally monitor affairs of the welfare branches to minimise chances of delay in the welfare cases of employees. Meanwhile, he directed the officers concerned to utilise all possible resources to provide foolproof security to the cricketers and spectators.http://thenews.com.pk/print/239649-41-policemen-penalised

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Dolphin Squad launched in Rawalpindi

by Mohammad Asghar in Dawn, October 24th, 2017
RAWALPINDI: The Dolphin Squad, a specialized unit of police consisting of 145 trained policemen to combat street crimes, was launched in Rawalpindi on Monday at a simple ceremony held at the Police Lines.

The Punjab Minister for Labor and Human Resources Raja Ashfaq Sarwar was the chief guest on the occasion.

Speaking at the launching ceremony he said the police should be a symbol of terror for terrorist or criminals.

Besides others, the City Police Officer Israr Ahmed Khan also addressed the participants. Raja Ashfaq Sarwar said that the police force should win hearts of the people through its attitude and dealing so that the people should come closer to the police and help them in combating crimes.

The provincial minister expressed the hope that the Dolphin Squad would perform well in combating crimes and would further improve the image of police.

He also appreciated the performance of Rawalpindi police in maintaining peace and checking crimes.

City Police Officer Rawalpindi Israr Ahmed Abbasi in his address said that the squad would help create a sense of security among people and check street crimes.

He said the Punjab government had provided 75 heavy motorbikes to the specialised unit.

The police officials who had been part of the squad were trained by the master trainers who had been trained by their Turkish counterparts in Turkey.

Of the 150 police officials, two will be on patrol duty on a motorbike. The police official on driving seat will be equipped with pistol while the pillion will be carrying MP 5 gun and a baton. In addition to it, they will be carrying a handcuff, and will respond to the emergency call from “15”.

A command and control centre to be headed by the SP will be set up, a site for which is yet to be selected. However, the new police force will be under the command of city police officer.https://www.dawn.com/news/1365751/dolphin-squad-launched-in-rawalpindi

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Rangers stay in Punjab extended for two months

Report in Dawn, August 26th, 2017
LAHORE: The Punjab government on Friday extended the stay of Rangers in the province for another two months.

Five companies of Rangers were deployed in Punjab on April 22 this year to assist the Counter-Terrorism Department hunt down terrorists.

Home Department senior officials said on Friday the same number of Rangers would continue to be deployed in the province till Oct 22. The extension was notified after an approval by the interior division.

They said the Rangers would continue conducting intelligence base operations in league with the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) all over the province. Regular police were also available for additional support.

Rangers have been given powers of police officers under Section 5 of the Anti-Terrorism Act. They are authorised to have cases registered like the CTD officers, also having a legal cover for all other actions during and after operations.

Majority of the Rangers are deployed in the bordering Attock and Rajanpur districts to stop terrorists’ entry into Punjab. They have been conducting intelligence base operations in league with CTD all over the province since their deployment. https://www.dawn.com/news/1353974/rangers-stay-in-punjab-extended-for-two-months

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Little headway in Lahore blast investigation

by Imran Gabol in Dawn, August 9th, 2017
LAHORE: Law enforcement agencies (LEA) on Tuesday found bodies of two men in the debris of the buildings that had collapsed from the impact of Monday night’s explosion on Outfall Road in Lahore. However, they are yet to establish the exact epicentre of the blast and forensic experts believe that the explosives might have been triggered accidentally because of humidity.

As many as 48 people were injured in the blast and taken to different hospitals in the city for treatment. Of them, 46 have been discharged, and two patients are being treated at Mayo Hospital, where doctors have termed their condition stable. The deceased have been identified as Rasheed, 45, of Arifwala and Amanat Ali of Kamoke.

Rehmat Bhatti, the owner of the parking stand where the explosion had occurred, said the truck, believed to have been carrying the explosives, had been reported to the police after employees at the parking stand noticed putrid odour of decaying fruit lingering around the vehicle. However, he said, the police had refused to check the truck, saying that it wasn’t their job to sift through rotten fruit.

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Amin Wains confirmed that the police had received a complaint, but added that the employees at the parking stand had not mentioned explosives.

Soon after the blast, which was heard in a radius of four to five kilometres of the site, LEAs cordoned off the crime scene to collect forensic evidence the next day as the entire area was plunged into darkness following damage to high voltage (132kV) cables from Saggian Grid Station that were passing through the area.

Despite reports pointing at a mini-truck as the site of the blast, forensic experts and LEAs said that they were yet to pinpoint the vehicle carrying the explosives and the location where it was parked.

They admitted that they were not certain whether it had been a remote-controlled bomb or an explosive of another kind. Forensic experts were of the view that over 100kg explosives had been used in the blast, which might have blown up due to a build-up of humidity from fruits decaying in the mini-truck.

City Division Operations Police Superintendent Adil Memon told Dawn that they had found the bodies of two men in the debris of buildings that had collapsed in the blast.

He said initial investigations indicated that over 100kg of combustible material stored in a mini-truck abandoned in a parking lot had blown up because of an unknown reason. There were no ball bearings in the explosives, he said, otherwise the damage would have been far greater. Over 50 vehicles parked in the lot had been destroyed and 50 others partially damaged, the SP added.

The Lahore Counter Terrorism Department police station has registered a case under sections of the Explosives Act and the Anti-Terrorism Act against unidentified suspects and added charges pertaining to murder and attempt to murder.

There have been several high-profile terrorism incidents in Lahore this year, including one near the Arfa Karim IT Tower last month which killed 26 people, including nine policemen, and left 58 others injured.

Terrorists killed in encounter: The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) on Tuesday claimed to have gunned down four alleged terrorists of the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban (TTP) in an ‘encounter’ near Saggian Bridge in Lahore.

A CTD spokesperson said following the explosion on Outfall Road, police personnel had been deployed at all entrances to the capital city. A CTD team in Sheikhupura received information from a credible source that six or seven TTP terrorists were travelling to Lahore from Sheikhupura at around 12:30am on Monday night, to “launch an attack on police personnel deployed on duty”.

The policemen cordoned off the area near Saggian Bridge on the Sheikhupura side and stopped a suspicious vehicle. According to the spokesperson, the policemen told the suspects to surrender but they opened fire on the police. He said the police shot back in self-defence killing four suspects. However, three to four of their accomplices had managed to escape, he said. He said police had found explosives, two Kalashnikov rifles, pistols and ammunition in the possession of the suspects.

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Punjab Police Police relaunch intelligence wing: Dawn report

by Imran Gabol in Dawn, August 9th, 2017
LAHORE: The Lahore police on Tuesday relaunched the intelligence wing, Triple One Intelligence, for the third time, allowing police and local government representatives to share information with police on terrorists or criminals for prompt action against them without being identified.

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Amin Wains inaugurated the system in his office, ordering his team to adopt the system for sharing information on terrorists or anti-social elements every month.

The main thread of the wing is an android-based software application ‘Triple One’. Over 30,000 police officials and 3,500 local body representatives have been registered with it. They are required to send the information on telephone number 0303771211. The mobile number of the sender will not appear at the receiving end. The message will instead be received against a code to hide the identity of the sender for his or her safety.

Staff in control room in the CCPO Office, under the DSP intelligence, will receive the information, analyse it and arrange it according to 11 categories. After the analysis, action will be taken.

The police high-ups had made three attempts to make the system successful in the past and this is the fourth time they are launching the wing. It remained ineffective and inoperative earlier. However, the officers claim that this time the intelligence system is being introduced with a renewed vigour in a more professional manner.

Speaking on the launch, the CCPO said the purpose of the system was to improve the intelligence network of police, promoting the community policing.

He said the wing had been designed by a committee, comprising Chief Traffic Officer Rai Ijaz Ahmad, SSP Admin Rana Ayyaz Salim and SSP Operations Athar Ismail.

Mr Ayyaz Salim said he himself and the CCPO would supervise the wing which had three further divisions– intelligence operators, intelligence squad and intelligence analysis unit. The officers of the intelligence squad would visit bus terminals, railway station, madaras and other public places, register the owner or administrators with themselves and ask them to share information about crime or terrorism. All the police officers and officials at police stations would comprise the intelligence operators’ squad while in the intelligence analysis wing, officers and officials at Operations Room, Local Eye and Triple One would be included.

Mr Salim claimed that the identity of the information sharer would be fully secured. Only the CCPO and SSP Admin would be able to decode the code generated against information of the information sharer. He said it was mandatory for every police employee to share at least one piece of information every month. Any failure would lead to punishment.https://www.dawn.com/news/1350488/police-relaunch-intelligence-wing

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