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Three terrorists killed in DI Khan: Report in The Nation, Sept 25, 2017

PESHAWAR – At least three terrorists were gunned down in a shootout with security forces on Sunday in Dera Ismail Khan in the ongoing Operation Raddul Fasaad.

According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the media wing of the Pakistan Army, in a statement said that the security forces carried out a search operation at Gara Madda near DI Khan during which motorcycle riders started firing at troops when they were signalled to stop. Resultantly, during exchange of fire, at least three terrorists were killed.

Besides, suicide jackets were also recovered from their possession. The terrorists killed were identified as Iqbal, Majid, and Waheed.

The statement further said that Iqbal was wanted in many cases and carried a head money of Rs1 million.

The law enforcement agencies (LEAs) cordoned off the area and have a launched search operation.

TERROR BID FOILED IN PESHAWAR: The law enforcement agencies personnel foiled a terror bid to sabotage....... Read more

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Police remove IS flag waving in Islamabad

report in Daily Times,September 25th 2017.
ISLAMABAD: A flag similar to that of the militant Islamic State (IS) group was seen waving in Islamabad’s Khana area on Sunday morning, before being removed by the local police after a citizen reported the matter.

Police removed the flag, hoisted on a pole by an unidentified person, in the afternoon after one Naveed Khan — a resident of Dera Ismail Khan — informed Rescue 15 of the matter.

Khan, who was taken in by the police, said in his statement that he was travelling on the Sixth Road in Islamabad when he saw the flag. Khan added that he recognised the flag as he had seen it on the television before.

The flag had ‘Khilafat is coming’ written on it, in addition to the Arabic verses.

Taking notice of the matter, Minister of Interior Ahsan Iqbal asked the inspector general of police to file a report on the said matter.

Pakistan has repeatedly denied the presence of the militant organisation o....... Read more

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Islamic State flag spotted at Islamabad bridge

by Tahir Niaz in The Nation, Sept 25, 2017
ISLAMABAD – An ISIS flag was spotted hoisting at a bridge by a commuter in the federal capital near the main highway on Sunday morning.

The pedestrian bridge near Iqbal Town area where the flag of the international terrorist organization was spotted is six-seven kilometers from the city centre.

According to details, Khanna police removed the flag hoisted by unidentified persons on Sunday afternoon after a resident of Dera Ismail Khan informed Rescue 15 of the matter.

The matter was reported to Khanna police by Naveed Ahmed Khan son of Ahmed Khan.

Khan is currently a resident of Jinnah Garden, Islamabad.

After being informed, the police reached the spot and immediately removed the flag.

The police took the informer to the police station to get his statement recorded.

In his application to the police, Khan said that on the morning of 24 September 2017, he was travelling on the Express....... Read more

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Pak nukes hidden at nine places, at risk of being stolen by terrorists

by Sachin Parashar in The Times of India, Sept 25, 2017
NEW DELHI: Pakistan PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi last week yet again flaunted+ his country’s tactical or nonstrategic nuclear weapons, saying they were meant to deter the Indian Army’s ‘cold start’ doctrine.

While Abbasi declared that Pakistan’s nuclear assets, including the tactical nukes, were under a robust command-and-control system, the short-range weapons meant to be used early in a conventional conflict with India are vulnerable to accidents and risk of landing up with terrorists.

According to a recent report by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), Pakistan has stored its nuclear forces at nine different locations across the country.

Renowned US nuclear weapon expert and co-author of the report Hans Kristensen said Pakistan’s nuclear warheads may be located in storage facilities near the bases the report identifies, and that these bases themselves appear to ....... Read more

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First Trump, then China: as Pakistan loses support it should lose the pretence on cross-border too

By Tom Hussain in South China Morning Post, Sept 9, 2017
The writer is an Islamabad-based journalist and Pakistan affairs analyst
In 1992, when Pakistan first came under international diplomatic pressure to halt terrorist attacks on India emanating from its territory, Islamabad’s chief diplomat and the architect of its modern-day strategic alliance with China, Akram Zaki, told me: “Pakistan’s foreign policy is in a minefield without a map”. It still is.

By naming Pakistan-based terrorist groups in the declaration issued at the end of the BRICS leaders meeting in Xiamen on Monday, China has publicly reminded its all-weather ally that the time has come for it to put an end to its relationships with non-state actors.

Coming two weeks after US President Donald Trump issued a humiliating ultimatum to Islamabad, and ahead of a diplomatic support-seeking tour of Beijing, Moscow, Ankara and Tehran by Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Mohammed Asif, the timing....... Read more

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Over 1,900 political workers join PSP

by Azfar-ul-Ashfaque in Dawn, September 24th, 2017
KARACHI: Over 1,900 political workers left their parties and announced joining the Mustafa Kamal-led Pak Sarzameen Party on Saturday.

The announcement was made at an event held at the PSP headquarters, Pakistan House, in PECHS, in the presence of all those who pledged allegiance to Mr Kamal’s party.

According to PSP leaders, the major chunk of the people — 919 — who joined the party came from the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan.

They said that 97 of them belonged to the Pakistan Peoples Party followed by Afaq Ahmed-led Mohajir Qaumi Movement (55), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (37), Sunni Tehreek (24), Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (22), Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (15), Jamaat-i-Islami (13), Pervez Musharraf’s All Pakistan Muslim League (nine), PML-Q (six), Awami National Party (four).

However, no known leader of any of the parties was among the people who joined the PSP. Three of the total 1,968 peopl....... Read more

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The hair-raising tale from Karachi’s central jail: EDIT

EDIT in Pakistan Today, Sept 24, 2017
Five years after PML-N promised transparency, progress and improvement, the country is gearing up for another general election. There is no progress in eliminating load-shedding (the promises made were dismissed as a spur of the moment, off-script emotional declaration), transparency is apparently only acceptable when demanded of and not by the opposition (or the judiciary — as the government hems and haws over the LHC’s order to make the Model Town report public), and the police force is either sporting new duds (Punjab’s camouflage uniform) or aiding and abetting terrorists and high profile criminals.
So much for improvement.
This should shock the civil society and parliamentarians into calling for an intense inquiry into the incident and strict punishment of those involved. The striking incident is an explicit example of the lack of training, standard operational procedures and accountability in the police force with ca....... Read more

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Gazain Marri remanded in Kohlu Levies custody

Report in Dawn, September 24th, 2017
QUETTA: District and Sessions Judge Rashid Mehmood remanded on Saturday Gazain Marri in the custody of Kohlu Levies for five days in a bomb blast case.

Gazain Marri, son of Baloch nationalist leader the late Khair Bakhsh Marri, was produced in the court of the Quetta District and Sessions Judge amid tight security.

Advocate Arbab Tahir, representing Mr Marri, said that he requested the court to remand his client in judicial custody after Levies officials produced the copy of the First Information Report (5) 2004 before the judge.

The judge, after hearing the arguments, remanded Mr Marri in the custody of Kohlu Levies and ordered that the suspect be interrogated in Quetta rather than in Kohlu.

Seven other people, who were arrested along with Mr Marri on his arrival from Dubai at Quetta airport after ending 18 years of self-exile, were produced before the Judicial Magistrate Mohammad Hanif Mengal by police.

T....... Read more

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UN body assails Pak for sharing census data with Nadra, army

by Amin Ahmed in Dawn, September 24th, 2017
ISLAMABAD: An observation mission that monitored the recently-held population and housing census has described the sharing of census data with a ‘third-party institution’ as “a breach of confidentiality of the collected data” according to census practices and procedures.

The mission, deployed by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) at the request of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, also observed that “the participation of the military in the census process is not at all a recommended international practice.”

In the case of Pakistan, though, observers noted that it was essential for two reasons: to ensure the security and to avoid any mishandling of the data. However, “data collection by the military… amounts to a parallel census and this is not internationally acceptable,” the mission report says.

Observer report says army men copied data from civilian enumerators

Age records were ....... Read more

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Pakistani-American preacher alleged to have inappropriate relations with women

Report in The Express Tribune, September 24, 2017
News Desk: Famous Pakistani-American preacher Nouman Ali Khan has been accused of having inappropriate relations with his female followers.

Omer M Mozaffar, who calls himself Khan’s friend of 20 years, revealed details of Khan’s impropriety in a Facebook post. Mozaffar said he had been working on Khan’s case, acting as a mediator between him and the local community of Dallas scholars.

“He confessed inappropriate interactions with various women, violating agreed-upon bounds of Islamic law. He also told lies to cover up those relationships, and filed threats of litigation against multiple parties to further hide his misconduct,” Mozaffar wrote.

Mozaffar further claimed that Khan had agreed to stop public speeches until further notice, to get professional and religious counseling, and to cease all contact with those women. “I had the responsibility to determine when he would be ready to speak again. I....... Read more

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